What is vinr EMS?

What is vinr EMS?

January 1, 2024·Richy Kalingarayar
Richy Kalingarayar

The vinr Enterprise Management Suite (vinr EMS) offers a range of business solutions to address problems encountered by various departments, including Operations, Finance, HR, and more.

With a single sign-on, you can access all these solutions in one place. These solutions can be chosen individually or as a whole, depending on your business requirements. Some businesses may already use an HR tool and could be interested in an expense management solution. Others might opt for an IT Asset management solution and HR management, especially if they are actively hiring. The suite is highly flexible, providing precisely what businesses need and charging only for the services they use.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing vinr is its pricing model. vinr does not charge based on headcount. Enterprise solutions that charge user-based fees often impede your growth.

At vinr, our goal is to support your success without devouring the fruits of your labor.

We are actively developing software in the space of business solutions, hence you will be surprised to see the speed of our innovation and execution. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

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Our Enterprise Management Suite contains HR management, Application tracking system, Financial management and IT Asset management.


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