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From requesting quotations (RFQs) to storing supplier quotes and generating purchase orders, our platform makes procurement seamless and transparent.
Order Management
Master the art of order fulfillment with our dual approach: Sales Orders for Make-to-Order processes and Production Orders for Make-to-Stock operations.
Bill of Materials
During production utilize our comprehensive tables showing Bill of Materials to allocate resources directly from your warehouse or initiate RFQs to suppliers.
Inventory Management
Gain real-time insights into your warehouse inventory levels for finished products, components, and raw materials. Ensure optimal stock availability and preventing overstock or stockouts.


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Frequently asked questions

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How does the procurement management feature help in reducing supply costs?
Our system optimizes your procurement process by allowing for competitive supplier quote storage and analysis, helping you select the most cost-effective options.
Can the order management system handle complex orders such as those requiring multiple components from different suppliers?
Yes, our order management system is designed to manage complex orders efficiently. It supports both Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock processes and integrates with our inventory management system to allocate necessary components from the warehouse directly or through RFQs to suppliers.
How does the inventory management system prevent stockouts during peak demand periods?
Our inventory management system provides real-time visibility into stock levels, allowing for proactive management of inventory based on current and forecasted demand.