Our Java to Golang journey. 2 min read

Revitalize your legacy web app.

Transform your legacy systems into High-Performance, Cost-Efficient web applications with our expertise.

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What we offer

Migrate from Java to Golang, Angular to Next.js React.

Guaranteed results: Slash costs by 50% and double your performance.

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Microservices implementation.
Implement microservices by converting your majestic monolith into manageable microservices.
Clean architecture.
We will implement Clean Architecture from day one, ensuring that your new APIs directly correspond to business use cases on a one-to-one basis.
Cloud Ready.
Your backend Docker images will be optimized to be under 100 MB in size and will start in milliseconds.
Batteries included.
We ensure comprehensive monitoring, logging, and tracing, utilizing the best tools in the industry for optimal performance.
Automated testing.
We will develop comprehensive end-to-end test cases for your product, enabling you to confidently release code every single day.
Database migrations.
Acknowledging that your current databases are nearing end-of-life, we are prepared to provide a vital upgrade to rejuvenate your system's core.

Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take?
The implementation for a single business domain typically takes around 3 months. For instance, if you're operating an internet movie database website, expect the core domain to be completed in this timeframe.
What is the first step in your process?
The first step involves an in-depth gathering of your requirements, which we then transform into detailed use cases for backend development. Simultaneously, we conduct a thorough analysis of your frontend's pages and components to ensure alignment with backend functionality.
How many team members should I involve during the implementation process?
Your involvement is minimal in terms of day-to-day operations. We schedule monthly demo sessions and regular calls to clarify any doubts, aligning these meetings with your availability for your convenience.
Will you train our team on the new technologies?
Absolutely, training your team on the new technologies is an integral part of our service package. We organize comprehensive training sessions towards the end of the implementation phase, ensuring your team is well-equipped to use and maintain the new system effectively.